CROWN VIC BAND: Classic jazz, blues and world music based in Costa Mesa, Orange County, California


The finest in live jazz and blues in southern California


Crown Vic, also known as the Crown Vic Band or Crownvicband is based in Costa Mesa, California, in Southern California. CrownVIc is a jazz/blues quartet, comprised of four musicians playing classic jazz, jazz standards, blues, world music and originals, for parties, weddings, and corporate events.  CrownVic Crown Vic and CrownVicBand plays regularly at Orange County’s finest Irish Pub The Harp Inn, in Costa Mesa, California.  The CrownVicBand is Ned Whittemore on guitar, Bob Feigenbaum on sax, Grant Miner on upright bass, and Joe Fischman on drums.   Ned Whittemore plays Whittemore Guitars with Crown Vic Band.  CrownVic music, Crown Vic music, Crown Vic Costa Mesa, Crown Vic Orange County, Crown Vic California, CrownVicBand, Crown Vic Band, Crown Vic, Irvine, California.  Whittemore Guitars, Whittemore Custom Guitars, Ned Whittemore Guitars.



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