CROWN VIC BAND: Samples of Crown Vic Music, streaming MP3s

CrownVic’s music ranges through classic jazz standards, blues classics, a few rock and pop covers and exceptional original compositions**.

Song List from recent gigs includes:
St James Infirmary
All Blues
A Night in Tunisia
(Somewhere) Over the Rainbow
Stormy Monday
Blue Bossa
Hold ‘em Joe
Mercy Mercy Mercy
Blues Everywhere**
On Green Dolphin Street
Lay Lady Lay
Ain’t That Peculiar
Little Wing
Purple Gazelle
Willow Weep for Me
How Many Miles to Babylon**
Messin’ with the Kid
All Blues
East Side Lullaby**

Copyright 2010 CrownVic and CrownVicBand.  All rights reserved.


Little Wing

Recorded in Joe’s Garage 2008

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Recorded in Joe’s Garage 2008

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