CROWN VIC: Bio for Ned Whittemore, guitarist for CrownVicBand


A native of Minnesota, Ned grew up in Washington, DC, within a musical family, and with the diverse musical influence of our nation’s capital.  He began playing piano before 10, guitar at 11, loves all styles of music, and will try any instrument at least once.  Ned is a veteran of rock bands, soul bands, acoustic solo/duo gigs, and solo home recordings, under the name MrJohnson.  Ned is also a guitar builder - since 1981 - building solid-body, semi-hollow and archtop electric guitars, now as Whittemore Guitars(  He plays his own custom-designed WhittemoreGuitars guitar with the Crown Vic Band, and invites you to come down to our next gig to check one out.  He would enjoy building a guitar for YOU.   Photos below show a few examples.


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